The Freelance Zenarchist (lunaticxfringe) wrote,
The Freelance Zenarchist

"I'd say to myself or whoever I was with, 'It'll look good in the biography.' and then I'd go ahead and do whatever daft thing it was - like taking acid on the sacred mesa or doing the bungee-jump, getting the haircut, dancing with the stranger, talking to the crowd - whatever I was 'scared' of mostly, or fancied doing, or never dared before, I'd try it on the basis that it would make for a more interesting read one day"
-Grant Morrison
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April 10 2008, 22:00:20 UTC 9 years ago

I love this quote. Also, I want film rights to your life. In writing. We can discuss this next time i'm in wh or you're in nyc

Dr Rev Xyzzy, Fropmaster