The Freelance Zenarchist (lunaticxfringe) wrote,
The Freelance Zenarchist

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The Return of the Son of Monster Magnet

So I haven't posted here in approximately a thousand years or so. But it still exists, as evidenced by the words filling your screen at the present moment.

A whole lot has happened since my last entry. I stumbled off my occultist path and wound up becoming a practicing Buddhist, gave up drugs, got a fortune telling collective off the ground which subsequently crashed into the ground due to interpersonal drama, started going to college again, left the most comfortable job I've ever had, made peace with pretty much everything and everyone I needed to make peace with. and at some point I think I went to go see a movie. It was cool.

And actually, in hindsight, that's really pretty much everything that's happened. Or at least the important bits.

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