The Freelance Zenarchist (lunaticxfringe) wrote,
The Freelance Zenarchist

Like many others, the Discordian school of sorcery makes use of several ritual tools. Chief among these is Eris' wand, a simple yet effective tool to focus one's magical will through. Though possible to purchase, it is reccomended one makes their own wand, though should not be a problem as someone of average intelligence can create on in 5 minutes.

Simply find a tree branch that is thick and diverges at its top into two separate poles. The two poles symbolize the concepts of order and disorder, for sure. Now, tie some form of elastic between the two poles. This represents superstring theory which, according to my understanding, is science talk for "magic!"

Now perform the Wholey Apostolic 5 Star Mega Banishing Ritual to bless your new Ritual weapon, and go forth into the world to spread nonsense and anarchy.

Eris' wand has been found almost everywhere that Erisian thought is present
Here we have a mighty Erisian Sorceror using this tool to hex invaders in his homeland
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