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This is the weather the cuckoo likes,

armed division submissive to vernacular the world into a gambling birdhouse

The Freelance Zenarchist
16 May 1984
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I'm either Andrew, Andrej, Andy, Drew, Drewseph, Cvercko, Cricket, or that fucking weird guy depending on where you meet me and what mood I'm in. This should clarify a good deal.

Other sightings of the elusive beast

23, 23 skidoo, 5, activism, alan moore, alien abduction, aliens, american splendor, anachronists, anarchism, anarchists, anarcho-syndicalism, anti-objectivism, anti-rand, anti-tolkien, attila ambrus, attila the stockbroker, being random, blue oyster cult, bruce campbell, buddhism, comic books, conspiracy theories, coyote, crimethinc, cthulhu mythos, daleks, dc comics, deadlands, discordianism, doctor who, doomtown, dungeons and dragons, emperor norton, enlightenment, eraserhead, eris, falsifying statistics, flaming carrot comics, fnord, frank zappa, freaking out the normals, gnosticism, gogol bordello, grant morrison, green arrow, greg hill, guerilla ontology, gypsies, h.p. lovecraft, hagbard celine, harvey pekar, howlin' wolf, hypertime, i-ching, illuminates of thanateros, illuminati, interbeing, jaroslav hasek, jerry cornelius, jesus, jim marrs, john dillinger, john keel, john wilkes harvey oswald, kallisti, karma kagyu lineage, kerry thornley, king mob, krs one, led zeppelin, life, mahayana, michael moorcock, milarepa, monty python, neil gaiman, ontological anarchy, operation mindfuck, orcs, phillip k dick, philosophical illuminations, philosophy, pixies, postmodernism, principia discordia, public enemy, purely hypothetical, rancid, ravenloft, rebellion, replacing the current government, revolution, robert anton wilson, romany, savage worlds, slovakia, spaghetti westerns, svejk, synchronicity, tabletop roleplaying, tantra, tarot, tearing it down, the blues brothers, the clash, the fool, the great sun jester, the gyalwa karmapa, the invisibles, the mothers of invention, the roots, thinking plague, ufos, vajrayana, vertigo, william s. burroughs, wilsonian postmodernism, world of darkness, zen, zenarchy, zombies